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Task 1 Name Institution Task 1 A. Nursing Theory Need Theory is one of the many nursing theories discovered by Virginia Henderson who was known as Nightingale of modern nursing. According to Musker (2011), the theory signifies increasing client’s individuality to endorse their continued curative development after hospitalization (Musker, 2011). A1. Excellent Nursing Practices An exclusive function of the nurses is assisting individuals in the recovery process through activities that health them regain the strength they had before the sickness. Therefore, helps to gain independence as rapidly as possible. Need theory has been utilized by many nurses in their activities to ensure patients are attended to and get medication (Musker, 2011). In addition to monitoring improvement of patients, the nurses also report to the physician to conduct further checks if the condition does not improve. A2. Professional Practice Need Theory The theory fits my professional practice since it has been my duty to ensure that patient is given best attendance. Just like what Virginia Henderson said, “This theory is like getting inside the skin of each of the patient to know what they need.” It has been my dream to get what specific need patients should be helped to improve her state of health (Musker, 2011). B. Contributions of 19th Or 20th Century Historical Nursing The St Thomas' Hospital in London, Nightingale Training School for Nurses, was founded by Florence Nightingale. Nurses were coached here to be sent to sickbays across Britain. In turn, the newly competent nurses were sent to build word of Nightingale’s nurse teaching. Secondly, she published her theories on

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