Talent Management

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Talent Management Name Institution Affiliation Talent Management Article 1 According to the author (Newton, 2017) of this article, talent development is an approach that offers training and development opportunities for employees. This article focuses on the role of talent development on the successful transition of presidential power. Subsequently, it touches on the impact of talent development on employee job performance, as well as the management of employee skills. One key point in this article is that talent development is vital in understanding the effects of presidential transition, assisting employees (new political appointees) to implement the new president’s agenda and preparing other workers (agency staff) for the new culture and roles. Newton (2017) also aims to show that through talent development, managers can acquire strategic leadership skills like strategic thinking, emotional intelligence and employee engagement, among others, which are essential to employee skills management. Furthermore, this article posits that talent development helps improve employees’ job performance and skills management by offering them training in change and stress management (Newton, 2017). Therefore, what the reader gets from this paper is that talent development plays a supporting role in the job performance and skills management of employees. I agree with the author’s sentiments that talent development supports employee performance and management of skills, but only to some extent. It is true that talent development can help workers perform better since it helps them understand changes in their work environment. For instance, as Newton (2017) states in this

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