Systems Analysis and Design

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The analysis and design of systems contribute to two main parts of the SDLC. The SLDC has four main stages: contriving, analysis, excogitation, and enforcement. The stage of planning allows the understanding of the building of the information to be built. This assists in the determination of the building methods for the project team. The stage of analysis answers the why, where and when questions of the project which specifies the need, the place and the time plan for the project. The stage usually has a tri-step shape which is followed to realize what is needed perfectly, (Dennis, 18). A strategy of analysis is formulated to check on the feasibility of the present system and hence the shortcomings that it might be having. The necessities assembled in the business model is the next analytical step. This checks whether the team will be able to meet all the necessities of the new system being developed Coming up with the system proposal to be presented to the project manager to decide whether the project is viable or not. System proposal forms the deliverable of the analysis phase and is used in the next phase. The design phase checks on the definition of the faculties, ports, architecture, elements, and information for any system to be able to meet the specifications of the software requirements. A system specification from this phase informs the next phase (implementation) with a collection of deliverables. The Unified Model Language is a model that is used to design object oriented software/systems used in System Analysis and Design Phases. The Use case Diagrams capture functional requirements with each use case representing a high-level business goal, (Shelly,

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