syrian refugees:why america should halt resettling refugees from syria

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THE CASE AGAINST SYRIAN REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT PROGRAM Presumptive Presidential Candidate As result of Syrian civil war, President Obama initiated a resettlement program which resettled 11,500 Syrian refugees in 2016. Worse to note is that the number is expected to rise by 100,000 come 2017. I kindly plead with the new administration of President-elect Donald Trump to halt this dreadful program since it poses a threat to national security, it is immoral, and put constrain to the economy. The program is a security threat because some terrorists use forged identification documents to disguise as refugees then become a national threat once they are inside the America soil. This means the lives of innocent American are endangered. In this respect, I plead with the new administration to weigh between protecting the lives of Americans or refugees from other countries. There are millions of Syrian refugees; therefore, it is immoral, pretext, and unfair to only cater for a limited number of immigrants. Those who are not resettled are also refugees and deserve the same treatment. Finally, America is expected to offer the Syrian refugees basic needs, thereby draining the US economy. Since the demerits of the resettlement program outweigh the merits. I strongly urge the new administration to halt this outrageous program. Bibliography Babin, Brian. "Stop The Insanity: Suspend America's Refugee Resettlement Program." Fox News. Last modified 2015. Accessed September 23, 2016. Krikorian, Mark. "Refugee Resettlement Is Immoral." National Review. Last modified 2015.

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