Synthesis of Scholarly Literature

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Empirical Literature Analysis Name: Course Introduction The development of effective teaching model for the adoption and understanding of English as a second language takes different forms and initiatives. The teachers responsible for the development of the learning skills must, therefore, find workable formula and plan that would offer a faster effective understanding of the language. Therefore different research projects have been advanced to explain how the language skills can be adopted by the learners to be able to understand the development of the language. This section understands the similarities, the differences in the concepts that can be adapted to explain the language acquisition skills in the educations set up by looking at the research models by Hipfner-Boucher, Rodina, Perla Gámez, Johanne Paradis, and Yuliana Rodina. The empirical literature analysis looks into what the researchers are similar or different to understand the knowledge acquisition in the learning of the languages. The different approaches they took and the possible answers they got also form a major part of the study. Similarities in the Research Projects Done On Language Acquisitions According to the research undertaken by Hipfner-Boucher et al., the objective of the study was to find out the need to have an understanding on how the 56 months old, that is approximately four and half-year-olds were acquiring knowledge in English based on their family backgrounds (Hipfner-Boucher et al., of 2014). The research required that the level of knowledge that the children got was comparable between Language Learners (ELLs) and the English monolingual (EL1) group. The methodology was based

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