Symbol Analyzation about Ceremony

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Name: Professor: Course: Date: Analyzing The Symbol, “The Spotted Cattle” In The Book, “The Ceremony” By Leslie Silko A symbol is an inferred representation of a given concept in a literary artwork. Symbols can directly or indirectly represent the intended message that the author would like to pass across. Leslie uses the spotted cattle as a symbol that helps to navigate the emotive topic of racism in America. This paper looks into how symbolic representation of human life through the animals can help in relaying the important meaning to the readers. There are some topics that Leslie present in the book. The main theme in the book is culture clash and ethnic identity. The main character, Tayo, can neither fit in the Native American culture nor the Indian culture but represent the change in between. Moreover, Leslie aims to show that the topic of life transformation conducted through the ceremonial rituals is important for cultural infusion, a concept viewed as growth, while stagnation death. Moreover, the topic of love is evident from earth’s love to people and so send them rain and animals for nourishment, but people’s love to one another like Josiah and Night Swan love helps in cementing the need of a cultural infusion. Most importantly, the topic of race is represented in the book by Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and White Americans. Tayo’s mother was an Indian, a community that is highly despised by the American whites, yet plays significant roles in the social change. Finally, community, traditions, and customs are important aspects of the book that show the old ways of life thus cementing the natural relationship between man and

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