Suzhou River

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Name Professor Course Date A Critical Review of Suzhou River Suzhou River depicts a love story directed by Lou Ye and produced by Philippe Bober and Nai An. The plot illustrates a love story centered on the famous Chinese river, the Suzhou River. Two individuals, a motorbike courier and the daughter of a business man, met when the former is hired to take the girl to her aunt. Mardar (Jia Honsheng) and Moudan (Zhou Xun) separate after a kidnapping incidence that pushes her to jump into the river. Mardar returns after imprisonment looking for his lost love but finds a doppelganger of Moudan, Meimei. They get close, but he ends up leaving to look for the real girl. The videographer gives a subjective view of the river, talking about the lives made and destroyed in the river. The technical and social settings of the film reveal some challenges faced people in the modern age. Despite the obvious and intriguing romance, Suzhou River touches on effects of globalization such as capitalism, pollution, longs hours of work, crime, and moral degradation. In fact, the story captures the recurring thirst for emotional and financial satisfaction common in the contemporary world. The first scene introduces a narrator and/or videographer who talks about the river and its effects to the people around. His perspective of the river reveals an essential yet destructive force of natureCITATION LuH10 p 119-120 l 1033 (Lu 119-120). Families and couples met and grow as the river moves like a vein inside the city reflecting all the activities taking place. A good example is a filth found within and without the river. Pollution from homes and nearby factories flow into the river and

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