Sustainable Development

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Sustainable Development Student’s name Institution Sustainability is about ensuring maximum utilization of resources by the current generation without threatening the next. This is achieved in a variety of ways. However, it is important to note that humanity revolves around economic growth, a favorable environment, and an inclusive culture. The cohesion of these three significantly ensures sustainability. Presently, it is contentious on whether humanity is in a position to ensure sustainable development. This is a fact indicated by lack of a unified fulfillment of the millennium development goals (MDG) and the subsequent creation of sustainable development goals (SDG). This signifies it is impossible for humans to harmonize ecological integrity and social inclusion with economic growth. Economic growth refers to a particular economy’s production ability over a period of time. Chiefly, this human activity deals with business ventures involved in the utility of existing resources for revenue creation. Activities undertaken may feature exploitation of environmental resources for value addition or extractions. The resulting industrial processes may create a phenomenon like global warming or flow of chemical effluents into water bodies. These occurrences have a direct impact on the ecosystem. Besides the threat posed by global warming, aquatic life edges closer to extinction every moment deadly chemicals are released. Such outcomes serve to prove that ecological integrity is always under threat due to economic activities. From the recorded history, it is clear that man sought out societies made up of individuals with common interests. Economic growth is not

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