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Sustainability Product Institution Student Course Date Sustainability Product The sustainability of a product is determined by the ability to provide, social, economic and environmental benefits to the consumers. The product should also protect the health of the public and environment. A sustainable product should be able to able to meet the customer's needs. This ensures that it stays in the market for long. The product should continuously be environmental friendly during its entire life; from the point of manufacturing to the moment the final product is introduced to the market. Due to technological changes and social expectations, the product should be continuously improved regarding social and environmental changes. There is a close connection between innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. For a business to be successful, this combination is essential. They guide young entrepreneurs and companies in their business activities. In fact, Most of the individuals and companies are implementing sustainability strategies using innovative initiatives. The creativity that involves new ways and methods of meeting the needs of the market paves the way for successful entrepreneurship. This is achieved through a well-organized process. It assembles and directs resources to introduce a specific product to its customers using a market entry strategy that promises investors stable revenue and profitability channels. There are different ways of integrating sustainability ideas into business ventures. These are the five core elements of sustainability innovation which include; molecular thinking, system thinking, collaborative adaptation, leveraging weak ties,

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