Sustaibale development

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Name Student Affiliation Date Poverty and Sustainable Development Poverty has been noted among the most enduring predicaments hindering sustainable development across the states. Efforts and strategies to alienate poverty have been legislated ranging from investment into the physical infrastructure through economic liberation and good governance although little progress has been seen. While sustainable development alludes to the ability of citizens to provide for their needs without having to compromise on the future resources, poverty has rendered most families poor. This means that families can no longer afford the necessities. In such incidences, it is certainly logical that the affected families struggle to meet these daily needs and little is left to be invested for their future (Howitt, 2013). The concept of sustainable development emphasis on lying an objective plan to safeguard the future welfare and economic capability. People living slightly above the poverty line can easily access the basic needs and even with their surplus income assure their future provisions through saving or establish income generating projects. This would not be possible for poor who are in pursuit to make ends meet. State government develops policies that would promote capital flow across its citizens in a bid to raise their economic capabilities which would, in turn, alienate them from poverty. Dr. Sachs proposal focuses mainly on one critical aspect of sustainable development which is energy management, and it’s the decarbonization effects. In curbing carbonization effects, Dr. Sachs puts forth a feasible solution towards the use of clean energy which is free from emissions.

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