Survey of Ancient Greece and Rome

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Survey of Ancient Greece and Rome Geographical Factors Islands and the Development of Greece Empire Ancient Greece comprised of Hundreds of small Islands that stretched across the Mediterranean, Aegean and Ionian seas. The inland climate in Greece was semi-arid and made many people settle in the coastal regions where the climate was mild. Due to the fact that inland Greece was difficult for human settlement, people settled in the surrounding coasts leading to the emergence of small cities. Coastal settlement influenced jobs in Greece and attracted many people to settle in the coastal Greece (Coulston, 2012). Many years specialized in fishing, sailing, and trading. As these activities grew, they paved for opportunities for colonization. The society became more contemporary and also the cities began transforming into independent states. The cities also began being governments for local villages and towns and this made the cities to become political centers. They, after that, established a unilateral Greece empire in the 500s BCE and exercised their authority both in the inland and the coastal regions (Edwards, 2016). Mountains and the Development of Roman Empire The Alps and Apennines Mountains helped in offering protection of the Roman Empire invasion. The mountains divided the Italian peninsula into two and allowed the Romans to drive their forces for a mass attack in case their security was threatened. Armies that attempted to attack Rome faced the risk of retaliatory attacks from the other side of the mountain. The Alps are located on the northern side of Rome’s border which is the modern day Italy (Coulston, 2012). The mountains shield off the peninsula from the

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