Surveillance of the oil and gas shipping pipelines

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Citation Petru, J., & Octav, D. (2011). Pipeline Infrastructure Monitoring Using Wireless Sensor Networks. Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti Bulletin, Technical Series, 63(2). Summary Petru and Octav (2011) in their research submit various outcomes of their systematic doctoral study concerning the surveillance of the oil as well as gas shipping pipelines through the utilization of wireless sensors networks (WSN). The researchers argue the matters as well as problems encountered by the utilization of this novel as well as extremely promising technology within the safeguard as well as surveillance of the crucial and important pipeline infrastructures for the transportation of petroleum products such as gas and oil or other vital supplies. Petru and Octav (2011) further discuss the topological and architectural paradigm which may be utilized to offer this surveillance as well as control operations. This paradigm comprises an outline of networking as well as routing procedures which may be utilized to offer the essential communications. Besides, the authors of the research report offer discussions as well as suggestions regarding the WSN dependability and the application of various wireless sensor technologies. Petru and Octav (2011) argue that an energy disaster influences the increased speed of advancement in several investments within the petroleum sector. They assert that the investments within the WSN signify an important realm in the entire series for the supply of oil as well as gas. They state that the oil and gas transport is customarily achieved via the use of pipelines that pass through areas with harsh climatic conditions. These climatic conditions always

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