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Supervisor and Manager as an Effective Leader Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract Leadership is a core element in law enforcement and criminal justice especially since it entails making vital decisions concerning the wellbeing of not only its workforce but also that of the organization and the whole state. Leaders vary in their personalities, capabilities, efficacy, and performances but all produce results that either build or impact negatively involved stakeholders. Effective leadership, therefore, require supervisors to demonstrates various traits including accountability, responsibility, integrity, respect for others as well as have a definite vision for the unit. Successful headship also involves values such as service, knowing personal limitations and strengths as well as those of others, trust and fair allocation of resources and job delegation. Headship also involves different styles involving democratic, authoritarian, and free rein all of which perform differently based on varying scenarios. Leaders are also expected to make decisions concerning various issues and their efficacy produces admirable results. Lastly, it is the role of managers to ensure workers remain motivated for high performance. Leadership is one of the most important factors in every society’s criminal justice and law enforcement. This element dictates and impacts the outcome of different situations or performances which can either be effective whereby it meets expected results or ineffective where outcomes contradict expectations. Many great leaders have existed throughout history in which some enabled their countries to succeed whereas others, due to poor

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