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Waiting for Superman Name Institution Affiliation Waiting for Superman Abstract ‘Waiting for Superman’ is an American documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim and it examines the failing American public education system and calls upon the public to intervene in advocating for change. The film commences with a personality by the name Geoffrey Canada, an educator, and CEO of the Harlem Children’s Zone, who retells a story told to him by his mother about Superman and how he did not exist. This realization that no single person with enough muscle was available to save his community deeply disturbed him. In a voice-over, Guggenheim explains how everyone develops faith and believes in schools and how he should handle his dilemma and choose between either public education or private education for his child. The film casts regular families in their quest to identify the best place to take their children to acquire education. In this paper, I will focus on Anthony’s educational journey in comparison to my own. Besides, I will critically examine education and academic life from his perspective. Body Anthony is in fifth grade in one of the worst performing school districts in Washington D.C. He never knew his mother and lost his dad to drugs in 2004 making him start acting out in class and cared less how he performed in school and had to repeat second grade despite him being a good student. Eventually, he moves in with his grandparents and with the help of a good teacher, turns his grades around. After fifth grade, he is bound to go to John Philip Sousa referred to as an academic sinkhole by the Washington Post. His neighborhood is plagued by

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