super-Cannes (the book) by J.G. Ballard

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Student’s Name: Teacher’s Name: Course Name: Date: Super-Cannes by J.G. Ballard Super-Cannes Super-Cannes is a fiction novel written by J. G. Ballard, a British author, and was published or made available in the year 2000. Compared to the author’s earlier work, Super-Cannes picks up on the same arguments and themes from his previous book Cocaine Nights which has been likened to this novel based on the approach, themes and setting (Fitchett 311). It is for this reason that it has been time and again referred to as a companion portion of the Cocaine Nights book. Description The act in Super-Cannes is set exclusively in a business park referred to as Eden-Olympia. The storyteller, Paul Sinclair, together with his wife, Jane Sinclair, move to Eden-Olympia after Paul quits his post as an editor and publisher of aviation journals and his wife is offered a job as a clinician in the park’s private clinic. On the face of it, Eden-Olympia appears to be the perfect place to work because of the setting and neighborhood which Jane seems to love and demonstrates this when she says: ''I love it here already…because there isn't any culture. All this alienation…I could easily get used to it'' (Ballard 9) However, after settling in Eden-Olympia, they soon come to realize that the place is not what it looks like, but a place with frightening history. For one, Dr. David Greenwood, who Jane succeeds, kills his colleagues before pulling a trigger to his head. This fact frightens Paul and Jane. After hearing the stories about Greenwood and the kind of person he was, they become curious on why such a respected, loved and silent person could decide to kill his

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