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First name Last name Instructor’s name Course Number Date Summer STEM Program Episodic life experiences I went through right from birth have always been the reason I could go miles to search for solutions regarding anything that seems a bother in my life. My mother narrated to me how I barely survived having been born prematurely 23 weeks before time and weighing only 1.2 lbs., with only 19 percent chances of survival. My cousin with whom I share the same fate also had slim chances to survive because he also happened to be born premature and underweight. I remember my onset years of life proved unpromising, the same case with my cousin who had to move from hospital to hospital to add a minute to his life. Today, I realize how this experience has helped shape my professional ambition. While I have always regarded marine engineering as my main professional ambition right from the start, experiences that ensued later have redirected me to embrace life science, making STEM knowledge more than a requirement. My most interesting area in STEM revolves around Science, and in particular life sciences. Life sciences align with my personal and professional growth. Studying biology brings me closer to the world of nature an instinct. I will be concerned to know how life begins and ends.It will be intriguing for me to know what causes premature deaths and ways in, which such deaths can be avoided. I am also curious to know the symptoms and signs associated with every disease that poses a threat to human health. The next thing I would like to establish is how critical processes such as metabolism, respiration, and reproduction are interlinked, in order to determine

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