Summative Assessment

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Summative Assessment Name Institution Summative Assessment The cumulative evaluations utilized in the measurement of student growth and usually given at course end with the aim of determining whether the learning goals which are of long-term have been met are referred to as the summative assessment. In other words, summative assessment can be understood as collective evaluations of the student knowledge, success learning or the proficiency at the end of the period of instruction like the course, unit or program as suggested by Mindes (2015). Summative assessment is much essential in assessing the students deeply because it is frequently heavily weighted and graded formally. This particular assessment is mainly used in evaluating the student skill acquisition, learning, as well as the academic accomplishment at the end of the instructional period that is defined classically at the end of the course, program, semester, unit, school year or course. The summative information which is normally of high quality shapes the way on how the teachers customary organize their curricular or the specific courses schools they are offering to their students. In my classroom, summative assessment is employed heavily in these three main criteria. The first criterion involves assignments, tests and the assignments which are used mainly by our teachers/lecturers in determining whether “we” the students have exactly learned what we were expected and required to learn. The tests and assignments are employed heavily, in this case, to define whether an exact degree the students have finally learned particular material which they have been taught. In my classroom, we are given

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