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Summary of the Film The film depicted the various civic roles in the US governance systems. It explored the roles of the head of state, the president’s appointments duties where he was supposed to appoint the state officers for Senate approval. In the movie, the second term president appointed Robert Leffingwell to the position of the Secretary Of State, a very influential docket in government. He believed that his vice president Harley Hudson was not strong enough to carry on his governance policies in case he died. His appointee, however, had to get approval from the Senate, a place with members having deep vested interests across the parties. Both the opposition and the president’s party had people who were proponents of the appointment and people who vehemently objected the appointment. The debate fast shifted from the role of the public officer to the suitability of Robert Leffingwell to take up the role. The opposers to the appointment like Senator Seab Cooley, a senior member of the Senate House strongly believed that Leffingwell had a soft spot for the communists like the Soviet Union, and at one time was a member of the group. To him, this made the appointee not qualified to take on the most powerful government role after the president. On the contrary, proponents of the appointment, the majority being the members of the president’s party like Senator Fred Van Ackermann believed that Leffingwell was highly qualified and perfectly fitted the position owing to his ability to maintain peace and order in the USA during the time of the cold war. The tussle divided the senate house thus prompted the Senate majority leader, Bob Munson, to create a Senate

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