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Human Trafficking Name Institutional Affiliation Human Trafficking chose this website because it defines human trafficking to make people understand it, giving them a chance to report cases of the same when they witness it, thereby making it easier for the criminal justice system to help deal with the issue. Human trafficking is still a major global concern because people who witness it may fail to notice it, and as such, may fail to notify the law enforcement officials. For example, some people still think that human trafficking is an issue of selling people across borders. However, human trafficking refers to coercion of a person’s labor, services, or sex acts according to Title 18 chapter 77. When one understands what it entails, one would report it whenever they see it taking place, making it easier for the criminal justice system to deal with the issue. chose this website because it shows that if the players in the criminal justice system are not careful and sensitive, they may end up hurting the victims more as opposed to helping them. To deal with the problem, the law enforcement officials in the criminal justice system need to understand the dynamics of the same. For example, judges may mistakenly convict victims of the vice, especially in cases of prostitution. In such cases, the criminal justice system would not help in dealing with the issue. Sensitive officials would give the victims a chance to explain themselves, thereby making it easier to apprehend the real perpetrators.

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