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SUMMARY OF THREE SCHOLARLY ARTICLES Name of Student Subject Date of Submission Introduction This paper will give a detailed review of three scholarly journal articles on three topics. They include the Early Church Persecution by the Roman Empire; the Spread of Gospel by the Pax Romana; and the role of councils and the early church in the Arian Conflict. It will analyze all the journals in one paragraph. The Summary The first persecution of the Early Church was masterminded by the sixth Roman Emperor, Nero, in A.D. 67. His monarch lasted for just half a decade, but he used most of the term to demonstrate the atrocious temper and greatest extravagance of barbarity towards the members of the early church. Some of the diabolical whims Nero’s empire exercised towards the Christians included all manners of both imaginable and unimaginable punishments. For example, he ordered the sewing of some Christians in the skins of wild animals so the dogs could worry them until the “new clothes” expired. In some cases, he instructed the waxing of the early church members, during which the soldiers could fix them on the axle trees and burn them CITATION ANS52 l 1033 (Sherwin-White 1952). Pax Romana, which translates to the "peace of Rome," played an integral role in spreading the Gospel in Rome. During that era (27 B.C.E. - 180 C.E.), Rome underwent ancient civilization, which allowed establishing of roads that missionaries such as Paul used to travel to different parts of the Empire to spread the Gospel of the Christ. The development of language also helped the Christians in preaching the Gospel as having a common language enabled the missionaries to communicate with

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