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Name: Institution’s Name: Course: Date: Classic English Literature Charmion Brownbag, the writer of the story “When Shelter Feels like a Prison” is one creative and inspiring author. The main idea of this article is a focus on how life can be when someone is poor especially when there is only one parent struggling to meet the ends. Laziness has never been an option for the poor. The writer says her mother worked round the clock to ensure her two children survived through (Matt, p1). This content is so relevant in that it reminds me of my single mother as the one left with all the responsibilities for the family. Angela Locke, a poet, and a creative writing tutor is the author of the article “Born Poor and Smart” is also one well-informed writer whose works are inspiring. Some people are normally born from very poor backgrounds but have brilliant brains and would just do things in a smart way. This tends to be the main idea of the article. She says her mother was poor but never gave in to poverty to keep dominating her. She worked hard to make ends meet. This article is chosen because it typically distinguishes classical differences in people’s lives where the rich and the poor have nothing to in common perhaps in the academic world. The latter is the article by Matt Yglesias, an American journalist and a blogger entitled “A Great Time to be alive.” The main idea of this article is about community policing aimed at fixing an economy for the coming generation. People’s lives greatly depend on the policies arrived at by a country. The writer says growth in the global economy determines a life of a citizen of a country (Matt, p1). Yes, indeed if

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