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Summary Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Chapter Summary Abstract The two chapters summarized in this paper is generally built on the discussions of the human being's social brain. The social brain is unlike any other part of the body as it determines the behavior and character of human beings. It is not in doubt that human beings have the largest brains relative to the body size; the large brain size probably dictates why people live in large and complex social groupings. For human beings to make certain decisions it is imperative that they make them by managing and altering information with respect to the changing states within their social groupings. Positive emotional states point to healthy thoughts, and values and even on the physical states of human beings. People collect emotional experiences from the social groupings which stimulate positive feeling states, and the ways in which moods often stimulate the appropriate healthy behaviors and induce support from social groups. The chapter on managing the social brain talks about the large brains that human beings, perhaps other primates too, have compared to other animals. Human beings need a larger brain because they live in complex societies, which entail numerous interdependent relationships that transform over time. For people to make decisions on actions, they must manage and manipulate information regarding the transforming states of the social group. An important reason for such an occurrence is that human social groups are pegged on both casual and bonded relationships, with the latter helping individuals against the stress that might be generated as a result of living in a large group.

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