Suggested Thesis: Freedom is a symbol that gave the African American hope, They express the appreciation through the rise of Black Activism

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The Development and Benefits of America Freedom to African Americans through Civil Wars Name: Institutional Affiliations: Before the 1860s, the America nation was sharply divided socially, politically, and economically between the northern and the southern states. Out of the total 34 states at the time, the majority of the southern states had the highest number of slaves who were either on the runaway or who we bound slaves. The main economic activities in the southern states were agriculture based with exports in tobacco, corn, and cotton. Most of the exports were consumed by the northern states that were specializing in the processing of the agricultural products, while some other exports were taken to Europe. Some processing industries were also set up in the southern states, making the economy to grow favorably. However, there was disagreement on the plight of the slaves that the southern states wanted to be distributed across the union. The northern states restricted the use of the slaves to the southern states, refusing to accept their advancement beyond the states they existed. Since the slaves were mostly African Americans, the freedom they have today is a symbol that gave them hope, and they express the appreciation through the rise of Black Activism The continued disagreements saw most companies that were in the south moved to the northern states, leaving the southern states with only agricultural produce as their source of economic activity (Genovese, 2014). The economy became bad as the agricultural produce was not enough to sustain much of the population without added jobs. The union government also blocked the southern ports for the export, further

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