Succession Management

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Name Instructor Course Date Succession Management Success in organizations fundamentally depends on the ability and aggression of the organizations in recruiting and keeping top-notch employees. According to Forbes Magazine, General Electric is the largest and arguably the leading diversified business regarding management style, succession planning and ideologies in the world (Girion, Lisa). According to the iconic GE CEO, Jack Welch, hiring the best individuals within, training and continuously improving their ability, and knowing the best amongst them forms the primary strategic goal towards organization's progress (Girion, Lisa). This essay focuses on analyzing the succession management approach of GE based on the succession style of Rock Block, a leading and large concrete manufacturing family company. Although considered the best and most effective, GE's succession management approach, however, may not be an efficient and workable model for quite some organizations. Designing a succession plan can be related to writing a company will, thus few individuals would be interested in engaging in intensive selection procedures of their successors. For instance, it can be concluded that Rock Block lacked a long-term plan for hiring and keeping top-notch employees as the number of recruits continued to fall despite increasing customer demand. If Rock Block, through its long period of existence, had come up with effective and viable long-term plan on how they would acquire new employees and maintain their existing ones, employee shortage would not have been a hindrance to the company’s continuity. The rate at which employees join or leave an organization has

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