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Name Instructor Course Date How Race and Gender Determine Individual Success Gender equality and racial discrimination dominate a greater part of the society throughout the years. It is evident that the society is yet to come with an ideal way to deal with the challenges it faces in gender equality and race. When President Barack Obama was elected, a majority of the people felt that the world had moved into a post-racial state. However, the society admits that cases of racism and gender discrimination are still rife. Racism and discrimination have been detrimental to the lives of the people because they deny individuals the chance to lead a normal life. Reliable evidence indicates that minorities in the society have to put in extra effort for the world to realize their contributions. A typical case is such as the one faced by Hillary Clinton today in her campaigns. It is evident that a majority of those that detest her politics are more concerned that she is a woman and not necessarily the policies that she presents. It is obvious that an individual’s race and gender play a vital role in determining their success. When racial and gender differences are recognized within a society, it is likely that the efforts of more deserving people will go unrecognized. Racial discrimination has a detrimental effect on the lives of its people. During the civil wars, those that fought for equality emphasized that the world ought to give people the same chance to try their abilities. Racial minorities were denied the opportunity to vote, hold similar work positions in government and even attain education in the institutions that the majority could attend. Minority students

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