Substance Abuse

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Effects of Substance Abuse on Academic Performance Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date Abstract Drug abuse causes both short and long-term cognitive effects. Following the rise of concerns about substance addiction, this paper, therefore, investigates the effects it has on academic performance. There exists solid information on the substance misuse in the society. The background information provides a general understanding of what addiction is and how the students are vulnerable to this condition. This study further incorporates previous researchers under the substance abuse. The existing literature has studies on the reasons for indulging in drug addiction and how these elements affect individuals well being. This study is indented to elaborate the effects addiction has on the academic performance with the variables highlighted in the hypothesis. The population under the study has been selected by use of sampling techniques and will involve students in high schools, teachers, and nonteaching staff. Both qualitative and quantitative data gathered will be analyzed to facilitate the accurate and useful results. As the effects of drug abuse among the students on academic performance are harmful, there is a need for immediate bodies such as the teachers, guardians and parents take immediate actions to resolve any instances of drug abuse so as to evade the risks associated. INTRODUCTION This section consists of the information that relates to background information on drug addiction about the academic performance, problem statement, and the literature review. It also highlights the purpose of this research study and the hypothesis. •

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