Sub-Culture and Minority Groups

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Sub-Culture and Minority Groups Student’s Name Institution  Sub-Culture and Minority Groups Native Americans comprised of the Indian people that were organized in tribes, ethnic groups and bands (Schaefer, 2011). These cultural groupings had different language and norms that distinguished them. They exhibit cultural pluralism through artworks and oral traditions. Native American ethnocentrism makes them believe their culture is superior hence the eagerness to assimilate other subcultures like Latinos. The numbers of Native Americans has reduced drastically due to intermarriage and cultural disintegration making it a minority group in the country. They portray minority group characteristics such as holding low positions in the social order and are subject to racial discrimination. African Americans refer to an ethnic community of America that has partial or total ancestry from the black people of Africa. However, the term should be used to refer to the descendants of slavery. A significant percentage of these African Americans originated from the central and western parts of Africa during the 16th century (Koppelman, 2016). The African Americans maintained their cultural pluralism while working as slaves for the Whites. However, this was due to the ethnocentrism perspective they held on their ancestral gods. They are a minority group that holds a low social authority position in the country. Other minority group characteristics they possessed included different skin color and low economic position. African Americans today are the descendants of the enslaved Africans in America. They have increased in numbers from being the smallest group to the third

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