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Student’s Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Study Guide Quiz 1 Empirical evidence refers to the information obtained by experimentation or observation. The data acquired is documented and processed by scientists and is a core procedure as a portion of the scientific method. Quiz 2 A theory is a deduction or a structure of thoughts envisioned to describe something, particularly one focused on general standards autonomous of the variable to be defined. A hypothesis is a suggestion created as a foundation for thinking, without any notion of its truth. Quiz 3 Deductive thinking operates from the more general to the more specific. For example, it can involve narrowing a theory about the subject of discussion into more specific hypotheses that can be verified. In contrast, inductive thinking operates in the opposite by migrating from specific observations to more general ideas and theories. Quiz 4 Qualitative research collects data that is non-numerical in nature like the unstructured interviews while quantitative research collects information in the form of numbers that can be placed into classes or in rank order. The qualitative research can be used to offer details about emotion, human behavior, and personality features that cannot be acquired via quantitative research. It has less statistical strength than quantitative research in revealing and confirming trends. Quantitative research, on the other hand, has great power in offering descriptive information about the population of interest. Nonetheless, the data is sometimes challenging to interpret. Quiz 5 A true experiment is a kind of experimental design and is considered to be the most precise

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