Students will discuss how the information presented in Chapters 1 – 13 (excluding Chapter 12) will help prepare him/her to be a more knowledgeable and effective hospitality leader/manager in the futur

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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date The Study of Facilities Management The chief aim of the hospitality department is to ensure that guests in a hotel are hosted comfortably. In return, this increases the demand for the hotel which increases clients and therefore generates maximum revenue for the investor. As a hotel manager, an individual’s aim is thus to ensure that the hotel is kept in such a condition that is desirable and safe for occupation by any guest. This is a process that involves a combination of a myriad of responsibilities that fall under different academic disciplines. (Jones and Zemke 1) The importance of studying this book it the fact that it opens up an individual to the complexity of combining these fields effectively using language that is easily understood and individuals who do not have an extensive engineering background. The presentation makes it easy to comprehend and relate to daily routines of hospitality personnel. The initial chapters improve one’s functionality as hospitality staff by helping an individual understand how to maintain the facilities appropriately. The initial chapters detail the importance of understanding how to perform minor maintenance procedures. This is because companies may not afford to outsource for specialists every time there is a small breakdown. Introducing such concepts as scheduled maintenance helps a manager sustain an environment that is hospitable to clients. (Jones and Zemke 3) This is aided by the concept of understanding how to integrate resource management. Understanding the essentials of maintenance myopia is also critical in maintaining guest premises in a perfect condition. These aspects

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