Struggle for Existence

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Struggle for Existence Name Institution Struggle for Existence In chapter 3, Darwin starts at looking how different species come into existence. He explains that slight variations become dominant or extinct as species develop through the struggle for existence. Darwin meant that if a variation is of benefit to the existence of an organism or species within their niche, then the variation will help them flourish and it will be passed on to the species offspring. Darwin referred to it as the principle of natural selection (Darwin, 2015). Natural selection can easily get equated to the survival of the fittest. Darwin envisions the abundance in our surroundings, from birds, insects, plants, and animals. He then explains that in the abundant environment the most important thing is the ability to survive and sire offsprings. All organisms produce many offsprings but not all will survive (Darwin, 2015). If they were all to survive then we would be experiencing the problem of overpopulation. Those with the favorable variations will grow and give offsprings while those that are weak will die. Darwin shows how predation plays its role in keeping the population in check. The competition for food creates a cycle that controls the population. Climate also plays a role in population control. When the climate is favorable for a species, one may have a variable that will enable them to crowd out the rest. In the given situation the struggle will be between the species. In such situations, the population swells to a point of becoming detrimental (Darwin, 2015). An epidemic might hit and wipe out the weak organisms in the species. In extreme climatic conditions like extended

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