Structural Engineering

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date STEM fields Engineering is the most exciting field that I have ever dreamt of getting engaged in developing a career or profession. Various facts have made me grow more interest in the field. First, engineering is so broad such that it captures the areas of science and mathematics. It is a field defined as the basic application of the acquired scientific knowledge integrated with mathematical procedures or methods for the practical purposes of designing, analyzing machines and systems as deduced from Hubka’s book “Principles of engineering design” (Hubka 1). Subsequently, while I was growing up, there was this Uncle James, who was referred to as “King Engineer.” He indeed did marvelous things when it came to designs of houses and other buildings. I remember him designing our school Library. I developed the interest of becoming like him. At that moment, I began drawing shapes and later modeling them in the real product. Thirdly, while browsing in the nearest cyber café, I came across an article which was discussing "good profession or career," and well-paying jobs whose value grows annually. It triggered my desire to learn and develop such a career. The action I took to learn and obtain knowledge regarding the architect-engineering was watching video clips on YouTube, reading articles, and tutorials on the vital concepts and eloquent desirable skills (Zhang 17). The action was indeed a preparation for my application to join the nearest engineering college for a diploma course in architect engineering. The other things that define my exploration about the engineering field included but not limited to

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