Strengths Paper

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Strengths Paper Name: Institution: Date: Strengths Paper After taking the VIA character test, my top five strengths were perseverance, bravery, honesty, judgment and love of learning. Perseverance implies that I have the ability to complete a task once I embark on it even when I face challenges. It equally means that I derive satisfaction from completing the job. Bravery means that I do not fear difficulties, threats, pain or challenges in my life. I speak my mind despite resistance from friends and family members. Honesty implies that I not only tell the truth, but I also carry myself in an authentic way. This includes being sincere in expressing emotions and owning up any mistake or action. Judgment refers to my ability to consider all possibilities before making a decision. I can also easily change my mind based on evidence. Lastly, love of learning refers to the desire to acquire new skills and knowledge. It involves the curiosity to discover and the habit of increasing the current stock of knowledge. Luckily, I have been able to use most of the above strengths in my daily life except for a few. Throughout my college life, I have persevered to make it to the college soccer team. Being selected to the soccer team required me to wake up early in the morning to take part in fitness exercises. It also meant that I had to juggle between classes and training. Some of my friends dropped along the way, but I persisted with the training until the coach realized how determined I was to join the college team. With the help of my coach I improved my skills and eventually got the coveted place in the team. I am also the vice president of the college human rights

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