Street Lawyer-Homelessness

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The Street Lawyer and Homeless Name Institution Street Lawyer and Homeless Abstract The way Grisham depicts the aspect of homeless is validly enough to undertake research in it. Also, the story presented by Grisham has pathos and wondrous understanding. For instance, Street Law serves the purpose of assisting those persons who lack homes through offering them legal services and connection with other clients for services. The service offered is free here. Meanwhile, individual risks of being homeless where he or she lacks the capability to have access to both safe and secure mode of housing. The circumstances here entail where the housing of this particular individual is either damaged or risks leading to damages on his or her health, unsafe by failing to offer the necessary amenities, does not offer the support needed from home or may be expensive to afford by the said individual. Due to this reason, this paper will evaluate on the aspect of homeless as portrayed by Grisham in his novel, The Street Lawyer by following the scopes concerned with the issues, stages, symptoms, behaviors, diversity factors, risk factors, theories, protective factors and the macro solution towards it. The Issue of Homeless The issue of homeless may be the main visible component of the homelessness according to Grisham but rough sleeping also still forms part of the story (Grisham, 2001). At times, young people may find themselves sleeping on the filthy areas such as streets, at one point in life; they may find themselves leading decent lives in permanent housing structures. For this reason, homeless may mean the kind of unsuitable living that is unsafe with an accommodation that

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