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Criminal Justice Name Institution Course Date Over the years, the number of females involved in gang activities has been increasing. Female gang involvement has mainly been contributed by poverty, searching for an identity and a place to belong for girls that do not have loving families. The way forward in solving the female involvement in gangs is by first understanding what makes them join before setting strategies to curb their involvement in gangs. The first strategy is coming up with prevention programs. Prevention programs should be designed to discourage girls from ever joining gangs. Prevention programs should employ various strategies such as community organization, creating school-based programs and early childhood involvement relationships (Howells & Griffiths, 2015). Community organization programs contribute to building family-centered community institutions that provide a sense of belonging for girls that would have been previously sought from gangs. Such programs offer a support system that gives girls strong identities. Poverty being another major reason why girls join gangs, opportunity provision can further address the issue of gang involvement. Economic needs, especially for girls from low-income families, makes joining gangs a means for survival. Providing alternative sources of income will reduce female gang involvement. Community-based programs should also be obtaining employment for the girls as another strategy hence giving them an alternative to the gang life. Early childhood programs can also be adopted. Girls with behavioral and social maladjusted childhood are most likely to join a gang. Efforts to prevent these risk factors should start

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