Strategic Positioning Analysis

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Strategic Positioning Analysis Student’s Name Institution Executive Summary Economic activity in the US occurs majorly in the cities. As such, it is essential for an effective long-term operation of these economies. A plan for this should always be founded on the future for the communities. Like the other regions of Florida, Ocala, and Marion County at large is prone to a variety of disasters both natural and technological. Planning the future, therefore, involves bringing it into the present and factoring all of the anticipated changes and their effects. This is the process of strategy formulation (Dobbs, 2014). In the late 1990s, Marion County developed a Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) to address the exposure to economic vulnerabilities (Florida& Mellander, 2015). The major role of this body was creatio0n of a comprehensive strategy aimed at minimizing such. As such, it was meant to identify and choose mitigation initiatives. In light of this, the LMS was constituted of community organizations, local government, and representatives from the private sector. The following research is aimed at documenting steps similar to LMS’ in a bid to enhance the sustainability of the strategic growth plans of the city of Ocala. A strategic positioning of an organization defines its future state whilst grounded on its present (Dobbs, 2014). The future of Ocala as an economy, as explored, is poised on better care of the existing businesses and an assurance that there is an available workforce at all times. This is in itself essential for mitigation of future downturns as well as ensuring there is potential for more growth (Rothaermel, 2015). On this note, the strategic

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