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Your name Teacher’s name Class Date The Strategic Plan For Aspire PharmacyContents TOC o "1-3" h z u The Strategic Plan For Aspire Pharmacy PAGEREF _Toc470125762 h 1Introduction PAGEREF _Toc470125763 h 3Background PAGEREF _Toc470125764 h 4Aspire’s Vision Statement PAGEREF _Toc470125765 h 5Aspire’s Mission Statement PAGEREF _Toc470125766 h 5Aspire’s Core Values PAGEREF _Toc470125767 h 5Our Inspiration PAGEREF _Toc470125768 h 6Our Niche PAGEREF _Toc470125769 h 6Our People PAGEREF _Toc470125770 h 6Our Promise PAGEREF _Toc470125771 h 7Methodology PAGEREF _Toc470125772 h 7Interviews PAGEREF _Toc470125773 h 7IFE AND EFE MATRIX PAGEREF _Toc470125774 h 9IFE MATRIX PAGEREF _Toc470125775 h 9EFE MATRIX PAGEREF _Toc470125776 h 10CPM PAGEREF _Toc470125777 h 11SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc470125778 h 11Aspire’s Strengths PAGEREF _Toc470125779 h 11Aspire’s Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc470125780 h 12Aspire’s Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc470125781 h 13Aspire’s Threats PAGEREF _Toc470125782 h 13The Financial Ratio Analysis PAGEREF _Toc470125783 h 14The Internal Assessment: PAGEREF _Toc470125784 h 15The McKinsey 7-S applied on Aspire PAGEREF _Toc470125785 h 15Shared Value: PAGEREF _Toc470125786 h 16Style: PAGEREF _Toc470125787 h 16Systems PAGEREF _Toc470125788 h 16Structures PAGEREF _Toc470125789 h 17Strategy PAGEREF _Toc470125790 h 17Skills PAGEREF _Toc470125791 h 18Staff PAGEREF _Toc470125792 h 18External Assessment PAGEREF _Toc470125793 h 18Porters Five Forces PAGEREF _Toc470125794 h 191. Bargaining Power of Suppliers: PAGEREF _Toc470125795 h 192. Bargaining Power of Buyers: PAGEREF _Toc470125796 h 193. The Threat of Substitutes: PAGEREF _Toc470125797 h 204. The

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