Strategic Human Resources

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STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCES By Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Course Title November 7, 2016 INTRODUCTION Prestige is a company that is based in Nigeria, and it has the intention of establishing a new subsidiary in Ireland. It is a food chain that specializes in the production of unique African foods. The company sells different types of foods that are nutritious, tasty and of high quality. The company wants to expand to this region to ensure that it makes its products available for this market. Being in a single country which is Nigeria, the company has seen that Ireland is a country that has a high potential and therefore prestige wants to set a new company to ensure that it serves customers in this region. The aim of this essay is to assist the CEO of this company regarding some areas discussed below. Part A: Recruiting and Selecting our new employees Recruiting and selecting new employees is an important part of ensuring that prestige company will succeed when it establishes a new subsidiary in Ireland. The company intends to employ the local people so as to give opportunities to the local people. This groups of people will help the company to enjoy working since they are conversant with the local culture and language that is used in this country. The company offers its food products, and it will be vital employing people who understand the beliefs, values, and culture of people living in this country so as to ensure that the company makes the food that will be accepted in this region. The company will need new employees since the company must employ locals since they will be important as they speak the local language

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