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Children's Literature Name of Institution Name of Course “Does my goldfish know who I am” by Gemma Elwin Harris The selected kid storybook is called “Does my goldfish know who I am." The book is written by Gemma Elwin Harris. He is an author of children books. I have selected the book because it gives the explanation for some weird behavior of kids. The author tries to point out the development of the children mentally and physically (Judge 2014). The parents should be able to understand the behavior of their kids and how their moods change over time. The book gives the description and theories why the children behave abnormally sometimes. It is normal for the children to cry up to the age of twelve years. Below that age, the boys and the girls have the same behaviors. The crying is a psychological disruption that makes the tears spill from the eye glands, and the kid feels sad. The cry makes the children feel better than they were before. The tears of the children who are disturbed extra have more contents than for the ones who are less disturbed. This shows that the content of the tears depends on the emotions of the child (Judge 2014). The children who have extra emotions have tears with more content feel better than the later. This is because they get rid of all the contents of the eye glands. The children cry to alert the nearby people that they need their help or comfort. The purpose of the tears is there for to get rid of the bad feeling in the nervous systems. Crying when the

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