Stopping by woods on a snowy evening

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NameProfessor Subject Date Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening: Outline The poem stopping by the woods on a snowy evening by Robert Frost consists of four quatrains and a simple central narrative. Its scene is understated without emphasis. In the poem, the narrator stops to admire the woods on a snowy evening. As he is admiring the woods, he reflects on whether the owner of the woods is watching him, but later his reflections are interrupted by his imaginations of what his little horse was thinking. He thinks that the horse is thinking it is weird to stop by the woods on such a dark evening. He furthermore notes that the horse was shaking his harness bells as a result of the anxiety and by contrast, he realizes that the only other sound in the woods is of the sweeping wind and downy flake. The narrator’s interests are compelled by nature of the woods, and at the end of the poem, one can tell that there is more than just the woods. In fact, the narrator seems to be reluctant in proceeding with his journey and only proceeds after realizing that he has a promise to keep. Although he recognizes that the woods are lovely, his central focus is not the beauty of the woods. Rather, there is more of an inner drama which the speaker is reflecting in his minds but fails to understand why he stopped by the woods and why he found the woods to be so attractive. As a result of the speaker's ambivalence, there is little to learn from the poem regarding where the narrator was coming from, where he was going, and why he stopped at the woods. Essay In literature, some poets are renowned for creating graceful and stylish sceneries that revolve around the beauty of nature

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