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Author’s Name Professor’s Name Course Name Date Steve Jobs Steve Jobs is a unique visionary that is primarily responsible for the establishment and success of the Apple Inc. organization. His unique skills and strategic thinking are two of the contributions that he made to Apple and two reasons for the success of the company. Theorists have contradicting and contrasting notions about Steve Job’s approach to conducting business, but for the sake of this paper, the behaviorist and interactionist approaches will be addressed. The Behaviorist Approach The behaviorist approach stems from B.F. Skinner’s notion of operant conditioning, which encompasses positive and negative reinforcement. When evaluating Steve Jobs ideals and approach to business and managing people he focuses on the significance of teamwork, management, task completion, and communication within the Apple organization. A key component to managing a strong and productive workforce is by being persuasive, and developing a plan that allows one to pose solutions to potential problems. Steve Jobs focuses on the teachings and principles of Aristotle when presenting methods of developing a persuasive argument and when creating Apple products. Gallo stated that Steve Jobs “five point plan consist of “delivering a story or statement that arouses the audience’s interest. 2. Posing a problem or question that has to be solved or answered. 3. Offering a solution to the problem you raised. 4. Describing specific benefits for adopting the course of action set forth in your solution. 5. Stating a call to action. For Steve, it’s as simple as saying, “Now go out and buy one!” (13). Steve Jobs

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