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Stereotypes are generalized beliefs about a particular group or class of people (Cardwell, 234). They can either be positive or negative. Positive stereotypes are however rare as most of the stereotypes are usually used to convey negative impressions about the group. According to psychology stereotypes are used to simplify social world by ignoring individual characteristics or abilities of a person and assuming that all members of a certain group mostly categorized by ethnic and race possess same characteristics. In a documentary ‘Ethnic Notion’ Dizzies has compiled examples of stereotypes and materials that have highly contributed in spreading the myths. For instance, people of the black race are perceived to be brutal or violent compared to their counterparts of the white race. This was usually portrayed by movies and television shows they were mostly played by whites disguised as blacks with black makeup on their faces CITATION Diz15 p ", 1" l 1033 (Dizzies , 1). Most of the times if not always, stereotypes are used to favor the ethnic of the beholder and to justify their actions towards other (McLeod, 56). Stereotypes are often spread through different types of media such us TV shows like ‘Rhapsody in Black & Blue’ in 1932 portraying black man as childish, lazy and carefree, and was only interested in food, music and dance, movies like The Birth of a Nation a film that portrayed blacks a savages who were always seen chasing white virgins where the white ladies preferred committing suicide to being caught by the savages. These images and motion films justified the slavery and discrimination of the black man and his not only his place in the society as an

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