Steps for Constructing an Argument

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Submission Date Steps for Constructing an Argument Over time, I have realized that I am no longer happy in a relationship with my boyfriend. Despite having constant self-reassurance for over a year that frequent conflicts emanating from the tiniest mistakes between us would eventually fade, things continue to get out of hand as days progress. Often, we fail to reach a conclusion or find solutions to the challenges we face due to our different personalities and personal preferences. In my case, I prefer to settle an issue immediately while he likes to address a problem only after it gets out of hand. This difference often makes me feel that he doesn’t give our relationship the attention it deserves and does not care about me. I will, therefore, apply the eight steps for constructing an argument as Boss explains in her book to end the unhealthy relationship for good. The first step that I will take to develop an argument is to form a question (Boss 195). Am I happy in this relationship? Does this relationship contribute to my social and emotional growth? These issues are important because they create a platform for self-evaluation which ties with the second step of constructing an argument that involves creating a list of premises that will answer the question (Boss 195). I feel unhappy in this relationship for various reasons. First, my boyfriend does not listen to me when I try to point out a persistent problem. Second, I compromise a lot of things to avoid conflicts and try to be understanding even in unwarranted situations. Third, I often try to console myself that the situation will improve with time. At times,

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