Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine

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Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Regenerative medicine, also referred to as stem cell therapy, is a discipline of medicine which aims to replace or repair either diseased or damaged cells or tissues in the human body with the aim to restore normal body functions (MRC, np). Regenerative medicine is considered key to future patient care. Many health organizations and governments have invested heavily in regenerative medicine. Patients’ needs are increasing each day. Each day comes with a new challenge to the field of medicine. This challenge can be attributed to an increase in the aging population. It is therefore important for those working in the medical research field to find new ways to meet these increasing demands. Great progress has been made in regenerative medicine field. Regenerative medicine provides very effective means of treating both organs and tissues that could not be treated previously. Regenerative medicine has come up and is still coming up with new ways of treating and managing chronic diseases like heart failure, diabetes and degenerative joint, bone and nerve conditions. Regenerative medicine aims to come up with ways of healing injuries and diseases that were previously considered untreatable or permanently damaged. Research in regenerative medicine wants to avail such methods of treatments for clinical use. Treatment with regenerative medicine includes both in vitro and in vivo procedures. In vitro treatment involves treating the body through therapy implantation studied in the laboratory. On the other hand, in vivo treatment involves treating the body through trials and

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