Stealing Food (Case #2)

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Name: Instructor’s name: Course: Date: Case 2: Stealing Food Facts of the Case Katia and her family are starving in the house because they cannot get access to food. Her town is under siege during wartime. To save herself and her family from starvation, Katia breaks into another person’s house in search of food. She finds the food and steals it. Context, History, and Background of the Case According to Thiroux and Krasemann “larceny is the felonious taking and removing of another’s personal property with the intent of permanently depriving the owner” (277). Besides property, stealing also applies to inventions, ideas, and other individual creations. Theft is considered as one of the least acceptable and most significant moral violations that a person can engage in. Stealing does not directly violate “Value of Life” principle, however, it violates “Truth Telling and Honesty”, Justice and Fairness”, and “Rightness” principles. Stealing may also be considered as a violation of the principle of “Individual Freedom” because it gives a perpetrator an unjustified freedom but denies victims of violation their freedom. Questions and Answers Is Katia justified to steal in this instance? In her situation, Katia is justified to steal. Why? Bombing and putting under siege the town in which Katia lives has created a “crucial emergency situation” (Thiroux and Krasemann 297). Food is scarce in the town and businesses are closed. Katia has only two choices. She can either steal for herself and her family or let her family starve to death. According to “Human life is more important…than property rights, and stealing, when more important

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