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Statistics Homework To estimate the distance from your home, some common measures may include (a) hours (b) miles (c) kilometers. When comparing using ‘miles’ with ‘hours’ to measure distance, which one is better? Give at least two reasons. Miles is a better measure of distance when compared to hours. That is because it is a true measure of the distance and is not dependent on other factors. On the other hand, time is a relative measure for distance since it is dependent on speed and the actual distance between the two points. When comparing ‘miles’ with ‘kilometers’, which one is better? Give your reason. Kilometers is a better measure of distance than miles. That is because kilometers is the most commonly used standard measure for distance across the world. Miles is used as a standard measure for distance in only a few countries to include the USA. As such, using the kilometer makes the results more understandable to a larger audience. For this project, what would be the target population? For this project, the target population is the students with the intention of determining the distance between the students’ homes and the university campus. Questions on the contents from Chapter 1, 2, 3 If a student is from Canada and gave the estimate as 800 kilometers, and he recorded 800 as his distance. There is clearly a measuring unit problem. What should be the correct data value for his distance in miles? 1 kilometer equates to a distance of approximately 0.6214 miles. A distance of 800 kilometers would be equal to 497.1 miles. As such, the correct data value for the distance in miles is 497.1 miles. Use the Distance Data to answer the following

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