Statistical versus Clinical

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Statistical versus Clinical Student Name Institution Affiliation Statistical versus Clinical Considerations to Make In this research, the clinical and statistical significance differ in various ways (Myra & Sean, 2006). In research, the use of statistical analysis, as opposed to clinical is that it applies when there is a small sample space involved. More so, it is significant when the variables to be used cannot be measured in a controlled environment. Similarly, the case where a research design is based on randomization, then the statistical approach of data analysis is suitable (Myra & Sean, 2006). On the other hand, the clinical analysis is used when looking for a specific answer to a known problem. The reason is that it tests various variables giving inferences which are used to get conclusions. Similarly, it is used when assessing the risks involved in research as opposed to statistical analysis which provides results based on chance. Risk and Cost Analysis Clinical analysis plays an important role in finding out the risks and benefits involved in this research. For instance, it can determine the effects of certain drugs being used by a given population. Therefore, in that case, it provides a cost benefit in that the right procedures can be used to prevent the identified population from being affected by the test drug (Myra & Sean, 2006). However, the cost of the research could be higher based on the specificity of the expected results. For better results, more clinical tests have to be done. In clinical analysis, the risk analysis is dependent on the chance of getting accurate results (Myra & Sean, 2006). If desirable results are

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