Statistical Analysis: the Use of Mediator and Moderator Variables

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The use of mediator and moderator variables Name Institutional affiliations ABSTRACTThe research aimed at defining and clarifying the difference in the use of moderator and mediator variables in a conceptual model. Various procedural steps were taken to identify the utilization of the two in a model. The research revisited various scholarly literatures in assessing the mediator and moderator variables. Moderator variables tend to express the causal relationships between variables while the mediator variable simply extenuates the relationship of variables in a conceptual model. Primary data was collected from interviews, surveys, and consultations which targeted a particular niche of data analysis professionals on the variables in question. The evaluation found that there are indeed significant differences in the two variables in question. If statistical analysts fail to understand the difference of the two or if these variables are used interchangeably, the results will be prone or inferential or statistical errors. The research concluded that it is practical for researchers to identify with the degree of implementing the two. Keywords Mediator, Moderator, Exogenous, Endogenous, Collinearity, Multi-Collinearity. 1. INTRODUCTIONMediator and Moderator variables are often used interchanged without regard to their actual difference and meaning. This, when employed in researches, results to inconclusive analyses and consequent findings which cannot be relied upon or be utilized owing to reduced credibility. It is also important to consider how widely these variables occur and by extension the numerous divergent fields in which they can be utilized. As such, it is

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