statement of purpose and personal statement

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PERSONAL STATEMENT Service to humanity is the main lesson that my family struggle has taught me. Growing up was not only a challenge to me but to my parents who day in day out was unsuccessfully trying to get me a sibling. My parents went through nasty judgmental sentiments from the physicians they sought help from adding pain to wound. At a young age, growing up as the only child was no easy, and without any knowledge of the situation, I gave my mom a hard time explaining why it was not possible only later to realize that they were faced with a case of infertility. The hopelessness on their faces became my motivation. Although it was too late for my mom, I found a purpose, to restore hope to such couples. Studies revolving around fertility became my thing especially technological advancement in the area. Although infertility rates globally have been recorded to decrease with time, the number of victims is still significantly high. Research indicates that approximately 6.7% of the American female population aged 15-44 years was infertile as at 2017. This figure translates to 1.5 million people, a huge chunk of the population. Additionally, 7.3 million aged between 15-44 years people are reported to have sought infertility services at some stage. America is first world country with the best health qualities indicating that globally infertility is an enigma. These figures point to the urgency and the need for experts to help curb the challenge especially given the consequences it has on families. Furthermore, from my years of practice, I realized that I draw happiness from service to humanity. While at work, the joy of seeing patients grateful and happy for

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