State of the Union Case Study

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President Barack Obama’s 2015 State Of The Union And Minimum Wage Policy Name: Institution: Abstract One of the main economic challenges in America is the wage stagnation. Both the political divides are in agreement that wage stagnation is indeed one of the challenges that are currently affecting the American economic growth. A cording to the research that was conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, it showed that the majority of the American workers has witnessed either wage stagnation or wage decline for over three decades. However, America has witnessed a growth in GDP by 149% together with the net growth in the productivity of 64% over the same period. It implies that the country has exhibited potentiality in the wage growth for the past three decades. Unfortunately, it has failed to happen (Mishel, 2015). A similar sentiment was echoed by President Obama during his 2015 State of the Union address. The president claimed that there is nothing that can help families, especially the low-income families to cater for their needs than the higher wages. The president even went further to challenge the Congress to imagine supporting their families with less than the annual income of $15,000 from their full-time work. Therefore, President Obama expected every Congress to vote as a way of giving millions to the some of the hardest working citizens through wage rise (Soerge, 2016). Introduction Currently, the actual minimum wage is roughly 20% less as compared to the time when President Reagan became the American president. Sadly, the American workers that always receive tips do have even a lower minimum wage that ranges in the region of the $2.13 per hour. The

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