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Standardized Assessments Name Institution Standardized Assessments Use of Standardized Assessments in Occupational Therapy Standardized assessments provide a baseline for documentation of patient information and progress. The utilization of these assessments helps therapists to validate the efficacy of their practice (Piernik-Yoder & Beck, 2012). As one of the goals, these evaluations demonstrate a clear focus on evidence-based practice. Although currently, we do not evaluate, we read the assessments before engaging patients in any form of treatment; this helps us with proper decision-making, as we are able to determine the appropriate medical intervention. As such, we make the use of various standardized assessments such as the Functional Independence Measure that is used to test the daily activities covering cognitive and psychosocial areas, the Functional Assessment Measure, and the Barthel index test that assesses personal activities of daily life especially in patients with neuromuscular conditions among others. These measures present a common language through which therapists evaluate the success of treatment interventions. Thus, they offer a basis for tracking progress and even comparing results that are associated with various intervention approaches. Most helpful Assessment in Occupational Therapy The most effective assessment that is used in my area of practice is the Functional Independence Measure that helps elderly people with their activities of daily living. This measure enables occupational therapists to understand patients better, including their mode of expression, memory status, as well as the capacity to solve problems. This test is

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